New Bridge over the River Aln at Lesbury

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These photos were taken with the kind permission of the site management, I was escorted around the site by a charming young lady, and I am very grateful for all the help received. It is a pleasure to be able to publish photos of this very important construction on our website. Photos were taken by Max Gerum with a Samsung Digimax 130, the first photos were taken on the 24th of February 2003, more photos have since been taken and are included here.

NMP is Northumberland Mowlem Partnership. Mowlem is a large Civil Engineering Company with the expertise in building Roads and Bridges. The site manager kindly agreed for this photo to be taken of him standing beside the company board.

This is an Artist's Impression of the new road and bridge when completed. This picture is viewed coming from Alnwick, turning left for Lesbury and straight on over the bridge takes you to Hipsburn, Alnmouth and the south.

This photo was taken looking south from the Alnwick road. This is the beginning of the new road that will be joined up with the road coming from Alnwick. This photo has been included just to show what a construction site looks when a big project gets under way and before it will look like the photo on the left.
This photo was taken on the 7th of April, I am standing where the new roundabout will be facing north or looking towards Alnwick. The photo is clearly showing the road with the kerbstones in place and the first layer of stones rolled and compressed for a good sub-foundation.
This is another artist impression of the new bridge viewed from the south of the river towards the roundabout. I deliberately included this picture of the new bridge so people can see how it will look when completed.

This is the foundation for the bridge support on the north side of the river. The work is well advanced but still a lot of concrete has to be poured in the foundation before the reinforced steel can be put in place.

As this photo shows, the steel erectors are fixing the reinforced steel in place, after that shutters go up around the structure for more concrete to be poured in.

The wooden shutters have been taken down and you can now see the finished shape of the support facing the river. The back is just a flat wall because it has to be packed up to the height where the road will be with whatever material is being used.

This photo of the north bridge support has been taken from the south side of the river to show the full width of the support.

This is the south side bridge foundation and is ready for the steel erectors to move in to fix the reinforcing steel in place.
The reinforcing steel is being put in place, when all the steel is in place the shutters will put around it and the pouring of the concrete will take place again.

You can see on this photo how much more reinforcing steel has to be fixed into place before the pouring of the concrete can begin.

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