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The Project Manager of the Lesbury New Bridge site gave me permission to photograph the historical event of the bridge when the lifting of the main beams that carries the new road across the river were lifted onto the bridge support. The Project Manager is in overall charge of the construction site. He does all the forward planning and he makes sure that all materials are order weeks before and is on site when it is needed. When the material has to be manufactured he makes sure that the manufacturers receive the order for such materials in good time, any late delivery would be costly and add more to the contract value of 3.1 million pounds.

The photos displayed below show an example, the girders that were lifted in place had to be ordered weeks ago and had to be on site when the bridge supports were ready to lift those girders in place. The next phase of the work will be the arches for the bridge, the order was place weeks in advance for the steel to be manufactured, 40 millimetre thick or inch and a half, transported to a rolling mill and rolled into tubes of 1.067 metre or 42 inches in diameter and then bend into shape to look like the arches on the previous page of the artists impression photos of the bridge, and the delivery date is the 21st of July. I have included that to let every body know how much work there is involved in constructing a bridge and a road and making sure the work is completed at the time predicted. Besides all the planning ahead the Project Manager is responsible for the safety on site and that everybody who is employed sticks to the safety at work rules and I came under those rules as soon as I entered the construction site.

The site team have always welcomed me onto the site and ensured my safety which is the main priority of the company, escorting me around wearing the safety helmet and fluorenscent jacket. And so I would like to take this opportunity to thank everyone for their kindness and help I received. Please do keep looking in on this website it will be updated every so often with the progress of the work.

Simon Rudman who designed the bridge told me that it took 2 years from the surveying of the site and the designing. He started the designing with a blank piece of paper before putting everything together on the computer. Wednesday the 11th of June 2003 was the historical moment when Simon's planning was put into practice when the south of the river steel girders were lifted into place. On Thursday the 12th of June 2003 the north of the river girders were lifted and swung over the river to connect with the south side girders, they fitted together like a glove. Phase 1 was a complete success.

These photos and text are Copyright of NMP and Max Gerum - they must not be reproduce in any form unless permission has been granted by both parties.
This is the big crane that lifted all the section into place.

This is the first section of the steel girders on the south side of the river that was set-up. This section is 7.3 metres in length and 2 and 1/2 tonnes in weight and is only a third of the full bridge span.

This is the second section of the girders on the south side of the river, it is the dimension as mentioned on the left. There are only 2 girders on each side of the bridge to support the roadway when completed, the bridge has cantilever foot paths on either side.
A close-up view of the cross section girders to hold the main girders together. As you probably can see not all the bolts are yet in place when I took this photo.
This photo is giving you the view of all the bolts used to keep each section together.

This is the view of one of the 8 bearings set in the bridge supports to give the flexibility the bridge needs.

This is one of the 2/3rd section beam on the north side of the river and a cross section is being attached. This girder is 38 metres long and the weight is 22 1/2 tonnes.

Here we can see the first long girder getting lowered into place. This is a crittical moment for all concerned when lowered they will find out if it is balanced correctly if not the rigger on the other side won't be able to fit the bolts.

Success, the beam slotted into place first time, it was a very slow process but it hadn't to be lifted out again to reset. the photo isn't very clear but a rigger is on the other side bolting both girders together.

This is the second girder on the north side of the river being lowered into place.
Both the northside of the main beams across the river have now been fitted, this photo is giving you a closer view.

A good view of the of the main bridge structure you can also see the slight bend the road will have across the bridge.
Another view from a higher vantage point looking across the construction site.
A close up view of the sub-structure of the bridge, a footbridge has to be attached yet on either side and also the arches.
Here is an artist's impression side view how the bridge will look when the arches are attached.

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