Phase 2 - Fitting of Bridge Spans

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The Photos displayed in this page is showing the preparation of the Bridge Span supports and fitting of the spans.

The lifting of the 4 Span sections was done on the 3rd and 4th of September 2003 and I (Max) was present to take photos for the Lesbury website. It was a very exciting day for me being able to witness the lifting of those large tubes that will eventually help to support the new bridge. I also noticed that the engineers were very worried, especially Simon who designed the bridge, wondering if all the measurements are correct and the tubes to be lifted will fit. The Tubes on the south side of the river were lifted first, they were fitted to the Span supports and rested on the towers. The large crane used can lift 500 Tonnes had to be dismantled first after the work and then moved to the north side of the river to start lifting the larger tubes. Those two tubes are 32 metres in length and the weight is 35 Tonnes each. It was a very crucial moment when the first lift was made, wondering if it will fit together and I can say everything fitted perfectly.

The photos and text in this page are Copyright of NMP, Simon Rudman and Max Gerum - they must not be reproduce in any form unless permission has been granted by all parties.

Preparing the steel for the end supports for the bridge spans.It took a lot of work to get those gun barrels (that is what the lads call them) to the standard, to support the spans.
One of the engineers checking the angle degree inside the gun barrel.

The fitting of the wooden shutters on the underside of the gun barrel.
Placing the top wooden shutter over the gun barrel. When fixed into place the concrete will be poured into it.
The delivery of the large tubes and the unloading of the same.

Before the spans could be lifted in place two towers had to be errected to support the spans for welding.

The crucial moment the first lift, the short span were lifted in place first.

Both short spans on the south side of the river are in place without any great difficulties.

Before the lifting of the longer section of the tubes on the north side of the river could begin the crane had to be dismantled and moved around Alnmouth, Foxton and through Lesbury village. Here is Kevin Sutton supervising the first lift of the long section, he is the site manager of the steel erectors.

The first long section is being lifted and swung into place.
The first span is in place and it fitted together without any problems.

Here is the view of the fitted spans. All is now ready for the welding to be done and then the steel cables to be fitted, once that has been done the towers can be removed.
Here is Superman Simon demonstrating how to lift a 45 Tonnes tube without a crane.
A close up view of one of the tubes being guided onto the end support, (gunbarrel).
Another close up view of the tube being guided in place.
This photo shows the tightening of the nuts to hold the heavy tubes in place.
The first steel cable being lifted to be fitted on the span to give extra support to the bridge.
The first steel cable in place but not yet fastened to the bridge.
This photo is a view from the south of the river, Hipsburn side.
Introducing the team responsible for the construction. Fron left to right: Paul Morley, he is on site experience from the main office and has gone back. Simon Prytherick (BEng, (Hons)). Simon Rudman (BEng, (Hons), CEng, MIStruct E) the designer. Derek Smith (BSc, CEng, MiCE, Project Manager. Jemma Reay (MEng, (Hons)). Rachel Robinson (BEng, (Hons)). Alan Ringer Site Manager.
An Artists impression's arial view of new and old bridge.
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